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  • 日本語(Title in Japanese)
  • 英語(Title in English) * required
論文のカテゴリー(Category of the paper) * required

論文の言語(Language of the paper) * required

アブストラクト(Abstract)* required

(Maximum 200 words in English and one paragraph only for
a paper written in English.
If the paper is written in Japanese,
the one-paragraph abstract should be 400 letters long or less
in Japanese.)


(Up to five keywords can be specified.)

関連領域(Relevant fields)

(Please specify at least ONE field relevant to your research.)

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チェックリスト(Checklist for submission and attachment)
  1. 原稿はSubmission Guidelines, Manuscript Sampleの記載に合致している。
    (The manuscript conforms to the Submission Guidelines and the
    Manuscript Sample.)
  2. (英文の場合)最終原稿をネイティブスピーカーにチェックしてもらった。
    (The manuscript has been proofread by a native-speaker of English.)
  3. (図や表を他文献より複製している場合)複製の掲載許可は取っている。
    (Permission is granted for all copied graphics and charts.)
  4. (共著者がある場合)共著者は全員JAAL in JACET 2019での共同発表者である。
    (When the paper is written with some co-author(s), they are all co-presenters
    at the JAAL in JACET 2019.)
ファイル添付(File Attachment)

※Wordファイル(MS Word 2003以降)とPDFファイルの両方をアップロードして下さい。
(Please upload both a Word file (MS Word 2003 or later) and a PDF file)
Word file: × * required
PDF file: × * required


第一著者の情報(Information About the First Author)
  • 名前(Name)
    姓(Family Name in Alphabet Letters): * required
    名(Given and Other Names in Alphabet Letters) : * required
    (Please put the name of the first author in Japanese in the below if the paper is written in Japanese.)
    日本語の姓名 :


  • 所属(Affiliation)
    英語の所属名(Affiliation in English) :
    (Please put the affiliation in Japanese of the first author in the below if the paper is written in Japanese.)
    日本語の所属名(Affiliation in Japanese) :


  • 第一著者のJACET会員番号
    (JACET Membership Number of the First Author)* required
    (Put the number in 7 digits with 1-byte characters.)


  • 連絡先(Contact Information)
    E-mail : * required
    Phone Number : * required
第一著者以外の著者についての情報(Information About the Other Authors)

(If there are multiple authors in the paper, put the name(s) of the
author(s) other than the first author in the following format. If the
paper is written in English, not in Japanese, the Japanese name(s) of
the author(s) and their affiliation can be omitted.)

※記入例ー日本語論文の場合 ※英語論文の場合は日本語の名前・所属名は不要)
ブラウン アリス, Alice Brown, 飯田橋大学, Iidabashi University
山田 太郎, Taro Yamada, 杉並大学, Suginami University

確認・送信(Confirmation and Submission)

(Please confirm all the data in the above once again before submission.) * required